Sun in Pisces

(February 19 – March 20)

Element: Water
Modality: Mutable
House: 12th House (last sign of the zodiac)
Ruler: Neptune
Season: Winter
Color: Sea Green
Stone: Jade. Coral
Metal: Tin
Body: Feet, Veins

Sun in Pisces people are soft, colorful souls on a planet of their own. Sometimes appearing to lack direction, they are often misunderstood and difficult to pin down. The 12th and last sign of the zodiac, Pisces is a little combination of all the signs and can be kind of quirky. However, this allows them to relate to all different kinds of people. They are highly flexible, adaptable, open-minded and like to go with the flow. As one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac, they are highly compassionate and loving but easily hurt when others are insensitive or unable to reciprocate. Ultimately Pisces want to be loved, appreciated, and understood. Their emotions run very deep. If you encounter a Pisces with a tough exterior, don’t let it fool you. They are likely covering some very deep wounds. When a Pisces feels hurt, the world comes to an end. There is nothing quite like a Pisces pity party. Pisces can find it difficult to cope with harsh reality and will escape into their own world, sometimes a fantasy world of self-delusion. Because of this, they are also prone to turn to drugs and/or alcohol. More so with Moon in Pisces than Sun in Pisces, but angst and suffering is a common theme in the Pisces world. Many Pisces channel this energy into the arts or other forms of expression.

Summary: Sensitive, romantic, dreamy, intuitive, humane, creative, artistic.

Opposite Sign: Virgo (opposites attract, but can be love/hate)
Most Compatible with Fellow Water Signs: Cancer & Scorpio
Also Compatible with Earth Signs: Taurus & Capricorn (excluding Virgo)
Least Compatible with Squaring Signs: Gemini & Sagittarius

Famous Pisces: Drew Barrymore (actress), Elizabeth Barrett Browning (poet), Kurt Cobain (musician-Nirvana), Billy Corgan (musician-Smashing Pumpkins), Cindy Crawford (model), Billy Crystal (actor), Albert Einstein (genius), George Harrison (musician-Beatles), Jennifer Love Hewitt (actress), Kato Kaelin (actor), Freddie Prinze Jr. (actor), Michelangelo (artist), Aidan Quinn (actor), Rob Reiner (actor/producer), Dr. Seuss (writer), Sharon Stone (actress), Elizabeth Taylor (actress), Bruce Willis (actor)