FULL MOON & LUNAR ECLIPSE TODAY: At a Crossroads, Balancing the Scales

FULL MOON & LUNAR ECLIPSE TODAY: At a Crossroads, Balancing the Scales.

Eclipse season begins this afternoon with a partial lunar eclipse and Full Moon in Scorpio at 3:57pm. The Full Moon points to the need for balance, and the eclipse marks a turning point or a crossroads. With the the Moon conjuncting fixed star Gacrux in the constellation Crux (cross), the crossroads theme is even more pronounced. The Sun (conjunct asteroid Union) as well as Venus are in Taurus, so it will likely involve love/relationships or finances (as Venus rules Taurus and the 2nd House of finances/material possessions).

Intimacy issues may also be a major theme, as the Moon is conjuncting restrictive Saturn which has been in opposition to Venus which is squaring committed Juno conjunct love asteroid Aphrodite in independent Aquarius. Plus freedom-loving Uranus (which rules Aquarius) has been squaring intense Pluto (retrograde). Do you see the theme here? Love/commitment vs. space/freedom. Note that the Moon is exactly conjunct asteroid Vanadis (aka Freyja, Norse goddess of love), who cried tears of red gold for her missing husband who was frequently absent (Chapter 29, Prose Edda books Gylfaginning and Skáldskaparmál).

Also, Jupiter is conjunct Rigel and quincunx (inconjunct) the dragon’s head (North/True Node) which is conjunct Zuben Elgenubi, the South Scale of the constellation Libra. The South Scale is the “insufficient price” instead of the “full price” which is the North Scale (Zuben Alschemali). This points to an imbalance. Zuben Elgenubi and Zuben Alschemali are also known as the “Scorpion’s Claws” and it’s interesting that Jupiter is conjunct bright Rigel, on the western foot/heel of boastful Orion, where he was stung by the Scorpion that killed him, according to mythology. Be cautious of arrogance and over-confidence. Given that Rigel/Jupiter are on the Midheaven at the moment of the Eclipse/Full Moon in this chart (Washington, DC), it can indicate a quick rise and fall, if you’re not careful. In order to stay at the top, it will likely be a continuous battle which can be won, but it will require work.

Be careful of becoming overly defensive or acting hasty, as fiery Mars is conjunct protective Sheratan and bold Mesarthim in the horns of the Ram in the sign Aries. Plus Venus is conjunct Pallas (aka Athena, goddess of war/wisdom), which can also trigger self-defense mechanisms. This sounds kinda grim, but don’t get pessimistic. There are a lot of good things in today’s chart as well, including good aspects between Jupiter and Mercury, which should aide communication. And the Sun and Moon are forming nice aspects with bountiful Ceres (Mother Earth), which gives us the ability to bounce back from possible loss or tragedy, so try to be optimistic. Things may not be as bad as they appear. And with Neptune forming harmonious aspects with the Sun and Moon, you should have some rose-colored glasses to help you weather the storm.

This eclipse season will bring about major change and transformation, particularly in the area of love/relationships and finances. The next eclipse is solar on May 9-10, followed by a lunar eclipse on May 25. The last lunar eclipse of the year is October 18, which should be visible to us in the U.S.

If you know your birthdate, time, and location, take a look at your natal chart. Check the location (sign and degree) of the Full Moon, and then see which House the Full Moon hits in your natal chart. This will tell you which area of your life may be out of balance. Today’s Full Moon takes place at 3:57pm in Scorpio at 5-6 degrees, so find 5-6 degrees in Scorpio and identify the House this corresponds to in your natal chart. Also note the Sun in opposition at 5-6 degrees Taurus, which will give you your area where you may need to redirect your energy to gain balance.

Listed below are the 12 Astrological Houses and their meanings/focus for the Full Moon:

1st House: Yourself, self-expression, self-improvement, or anything that focuses on YOU. How you appear to others might be important to you during this time. Ask yourself if you’re too self-absorbed or selfish.

2nd House: Physical and financial value/worth. Financial security, money, and material things, are of greatest concern. Ask yourself if you’re spending too much or wasting resources in the wrong place.

3rd House: Communication, logic/thinking, and learning. You may be thinking too much. Communication may be an issue.

4th House: Home, family, and whatever makes you feel safe. Your inner security and support structure will be of greatest concern. Are you focused too much on home and not getting out enough? Are you neglecting your career?

5th House: Creativity, fun, romance, and children. Are you having too much or too little fun? Are you focused so much on romance that you’re neglecting your friends? Are you focused too much or too little on your kids?

6th House: Service, duty, occupation, and pets. Are you working too hard or ignoring your duties or responsibilities? Are you focused too much or not enough on details?

7th House: Marriage, partnerships, relationships, and also enemies. Are you focused too much or not enough on your marriage/relationships?

8th House: Regeneration, sex, death, and accounting/taxes (or other people’s money). Are you thinking too much about your taxes or other people’s money? Are you having too many power struggles? Are you resisting change/transformation?

9th House: Spirituality, philosophy, religion, and faith. You may feel somewhat restless and bored with normal everyday experiences. Are you overly zealous about religion or spiritual issues and neglecting other more practical details? Are you thinking enough or too much about the big picture?

10th House: Career, reputation, and status. Are you too preoccupied with your career or climbing the corporate ladder or your socio-economic status and reputation?

11th House: Friends, social groups, and long-term goals. Getting along with others, social acceptance, and fitting into a group might be important to you during this time. Are you focusing too much on friends and what others think of you? Are you neglecting your romantic interest or your kids?

12th House: The subconscious, secrets, and hidden activities. Are you feeling too withdrawn? You may be hiding too much.