New Moon Basics


When the Moon is closest to the Sun (conjunction), this is called a New Moon, the first phase of a lunar cycle. It is the darkest right before a New Moon and the brightest at Full Moon. The cycle from one New Moon to the next takes about one month. Everything in life is cyclical, and as a rule of thumb, it’s always best to start new things during a New Moon or while the Moon is waxing (increasing) and not after a Full Moon when it is waning (decreasing). For dates/times, you can check the good old farmer’s almanac:

If you know your birthdate, time, and location, take a look at your natal chart. Check the location (sign and degree) of the New Moon, and then see which House the New Moon hits in your natal chart. This will tell you what your focus is for this lunar cycle. Today’s New Moon took place at 5:38am in Aries at 20-21 degrees, so find 20-21 degrees in Aries and identify the House this corresponds to in your natal chart.

Listed below are the 12 Astrological Houses and their meanings/focus for the new moon:

1st House: Yourself, self-expression, self-improvement, or anything that focuses on YOU. How you appear to others might be important to you during this time. You will feel energized and will likely keep yourself busy. Great time to for reinventing yourself or catching people’s attention and making an impression.

2nd House: Physical and financial value/worth. Financial security, money, and material things, are of greatest concern. Great time for financial planning and laying groundwork to increase income and worth.

3rd House: Communication, logic/thinking, and learning. You will be mentally alert and more focused during this time. It will be easier to communicate and connect/build rapport with others. Great time to go back to school and learn something new.

4th House: Home, family, and whatever makes you feel safe. Your inner security and support structure will be of greatest concern. Great time for family activities, re-organizing the house, or home improvement.

5th House: Creativity, fun, romance, and children. You will feel more playful and passionate during this time. Great for romantic adventures, activities with kids, and creating things, including making babies. 😉

6th House: Service, duty, occupation, and pets. Having a sense of duty or responsibility will be important to you. You will be feeling more analytical, detailed-oriented, disciplined, orderly, and productive. Great time for setting new routines and regimens, taking care of business, and getting work done.

7th House: Marriage, partnerships, relationships, and also enemies. You will value teamwork, cooperation, sharing and negotiation. Having a partner or significant other to lean on during this time will be important to you. Great for new relationships or solidifying existing ones and making them official/public.

8th House: Regeneration, sex, death, and accounting/taxes (or other people’s money). Power and intimacy issues may be a focus. Great time for personal transformation and getting rid of the old to make room for the new. Also a great time for doing your taxes/accounting.

9th House: Spirituality, philosophy, religion, and faith. You may feel somewhat restless and bored with normal everyday experiences. Great time to start new projects that stretch your mind and enable you to fulfill a higher purpose.

10th House: Career, reputation, and status. Great time for business or career planning and improving your professional life.

11th House: Friends, social groups, and long-term goals. Getting along with others, social acceptance, and fitting into a group might be important to you during this time. Great time for networking, joining a club or other group, and making new contacts, social as well as professional.

12th House: The subconscious, secrets, and hidden activities. You may feel withdrawn during this time. Great time to get away, do some soul searching, and take care of whatever skeletons are in the closet.