Saturn Retrograde: February 18 – July 8, 2013


Saturn retrograde begins on February 18th and goes direct on July 8, 2013. Do not start anything new or important during Saturn retrograde (e.g., new job, business, etc.). If you want to start something, it’s best to wait until after Saturn goes direct on July 8th. If you jump into anything during this time, especially without proper preparation, you will likely find yourself struggling. Note: April 30-May 1 (Mars opposes Saturn), and July 1-3 (Saturn squares Venus and Ceres). Be careful making any major decisions during these dates, especially financial ones the first few days of July (Saturn square Ceres). Also note, Mercury retrograde February 23-March 17. Very bad time to start anything new. Hold off if you can.

Saturn is a restricting force. It’s about rules, regulations, responsibilities and limitations. The structure that governs our lives. It also teaches us about setting boundaries and how to say no. Saturn retrograde slows things down so that we can lay a proper foundation for our future. It gives us time to really fine tune our plans and strategies. It’s time to go back and fix the things that have been hanging over our heads and bogging us down. Fix them for good. It will be a serious and sobering time for a lot of us. Time to do work. These are the seeds we plant for a bountiful harvest. Best of luck to you all.

February 23 – March 17 (Mercury Retrograde)
April 30 – May 1 (Mars opposes Saturn)
July 1 – July 3 (Saturn squares Venus/Ceres)