Mars in Aries

The transit Moon today conjuncts my natal Mars in Aries, stimulating the flow of emotions into action. Aries is ruled by Mars, so any transits hitting Mars while in its ruling sign Aries will be more powerful. Moon-Mars conjunctions tend to make people a bit sensitive, impulsive, touchy, aggressive and even combative. Warrior mode, fearless and driven. Good energy for starting new projects and getting stuff done.

What does it mean to have Mars in Aries? Fiery red Mars, Roman God of War, represents our drives and impulses as well as our aggression, animal instincts, and sexuality. I’ve given the planet the nickname “Mojo Mars” because it reveals our sex drive and sex appeal as well as what moves us, turns us on, and makes us tick.

Mars in Aries people, like myself, tend to be pretty feisty and are very spontaneous and impulsive. Mars is all about action. We have a short fuse and get fired up quickly, but thankfully it’s short-lived. We don’t hold onto anger very long and typically don’t hold grudges. We view the past as the past, and let bygones be bygones.

Don’t confuse our impulsiveness with foolishness though. People with Mars in Aries have great gut instincts. We think fast on our feet and make quick decisions, and usually they’re good decisions. Slow people who can’t make up their minds or can’t take initiative, they frustrate us. We are typically on the go, and it’s hard to keep up with us or slow us down. We don’t like to waste time. Pure and simple, we get down to business.

If you want to get the ball rolling, give it to someone with Mars in Aries. We are typically pioneers and innovators. New projects get us excited, and we love a good challenge. However, although we’re very good at starting things, we may not be as good at completing them. Our energy and enthusiasm are high, but we get bored easily. The flames can burn out quickly.

If you want to get along with Mars in Aries people, be straight and honest with us. We have very little patience for indirectness or passive-aggressive behavior. Don’t beat around the bush and don’t over-complicate things. That irritates and annoys us. Be quick and get right to the point. We are very blunt and can be downright rude, but at least you know what’s on our mind. There is no guesswork, and there are no hidden agendas. What you see is what you get.

Famous People with Mars in Aries: Tyra Banks (model), Kevin Costner (actor), Carson Daly (personality), Claire Danes (actress), Kate Hudson (actress), Angelina Jolie (actress), Nick Lachey (singer/songwriter), Monica Lewinsky (public figure), Juliette Lewis (actress), Tobey Maguire (actor).


Moon in Aquarius


The Moon moves into Aquarius at 10:02pm tonight. Since I have Moon in Aquarius in my natal chart, I feel inspired to write about it.

Lunar Aquarians, like myself, are what I call “people watchers.” We’re extremely observant and love to study and analyze our fellow humans. We enjoy hearing people’s life stories and figuring out what makes everyone tick. Psychology is thus one of my favorite subjects. I also like to watch “A&E Biography” and “E! True Hollywood Story,” and I’m embarrassed to confess, I even like to watch reality tv shows. Moon in Aquarius explains a lot!

As “people watchers,” those of us with Moon in Aquarius are able to understand and relate to all different types of people in all walks of life. Because of this we are quite sociable and even popular. However, we are unique and don’t quite fit in anywhere. We recognize very early on how “different” we are from others. Despite our sociable nature, we are sort of loners at heart. When I was growing up, believe it or not, I was painfully shy. I have discovered this is common with Lunar Aquarians. Moon in Aquarius can indicate a difficult childhood or other hard experiences, and like many other Lunar Aquarians, I learned very early on how to detach. This doesn’t mean we don’t have emotions. It just means we are more analytical than emotional.

People with Moon in Aquarius are highly independent, and we pride ourselves on our uniqueness and nonconformity. This may be a result of growing up not quite fitting in anywhere. We are somewhat idealistic and passionate about our beliefs, and if rubbed the wrong way, we can be very defensive. We tend to be very stubborn, especially as children. As we grow older, we learn to how to compromise and balance our strong egos.

Despite our cool appearance, we are highly compassionate and our feelings run deep. Many humanitarians have Moon in Aquarius. Our kindness and general concern for others is typically a life philosophy. For the most part, we “live and let live” and value freedom. We give others the space and freedom to be themselves, and we appreciate the same in return. If anyone challenges our behavior or character, our response will likely be, “take it or leave it!” If you can’t accept us as we are, hasta la vista, baby!

Lunar Aquarians are never boring, that’s for sure. We are very interesting and often very entertaining. We like to make sure everyone is having fun and no one feels left out. We will also often fight for the underdog. Although quirky and unpredictable, Aquarius is a fixed sign, so when it comes down to the big stuff, we are actually quite predictable, reliable, and loyal. Overall, we make great friends.

People with Moon in Aquarius:
George Clooney (actor), Russell Crowe (actor), Billy Ray Cyrus (songwriter/musician), Princess Diana (public figure), David Duchovny (actor), Calista Flockhart (actress), John Lennon (songwriter/musician), George Lucas (filmmaker), Marilyn Monroe (actress), Conan O’Brien (comedian), Britney Spears (singer), Rob Thomas (songwriter/musician, absolutely love him! he has his Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Aquarius), and Christopher Walken (actor, he has both Moon and Mars in Aquarius).