FULL MOON & LUNAR ECLIPSE TODAY: At a Crossroads, Balancing the Scales

FULL MOON & LUNAR ECLIPSE TODAY: At a Crossroads, Balancing the Scales.

Eclipse season begins this afternoon with a partial lunar eclipse and Full Moon in Scorpio at 3:57pm. The Full Moon points to the need for balance, and the eclipse marks a turning point or a crossroads. With the the Moon conjuncting fixed star Gacrux in the constellation Crux (cross), the crossroads theme is even more pronounced. The Sun (conjunct asteroid Union) as well as Venus are in Taurus, so it will likely involve love/relationships or finances (as Venus rules Taurus and the 2nd House of finances/material possessions).

Intimacy issues may also be a major theme, as the Moon is conjuncting restrictive Saturn which has been in opposition to Venus which is squaring committed Juno conjunct love asteroid Aphrodite in independent Aquarius. Plus freedom-loving Uranus (which rules Aquarius) has been squaring intense Pluto (retrograde). Do you see the theme here? Love/commitment vs. space/freedom. Note that the Moon is exactly conjunct asteroid Vanadis (aka Freyja, Norse goddess of love), who cried tears of red gold for her missing husband who was frequently absent (Chapter 29, Prose Edda books Gylfaginning and Skáldskaparmál).

Also, Jupiter is conjunct Rigel and quincunx (inconjunct) the dragon’s head (North/True Node) which is conjunct Zuben Elgenubi, the South Scale of the constellation Libra. The South Scale is the “insufficient price” instead of the “full price” which is the North Scale (Zuben Alschemali). This points to an imbalance. Zuben Elgenubi and Zuben Alschemali are also known as the “Scorpion’s Claws” and it’s interesting that Jupiter is conjunct bright Rigel, on the western foot/heel of boastful Orion, where he was stung by the Scorpion that killed him, according to mythology. Be cautious of arrogance and over-confidence. Given that Rigel/Jupiter are on the Midheaven at the moment of the Eclipse/Full Moon in this chart (Washington, DC), it can indicate a quick rise and fall, if you’re not careful. In order to stay at the top, it will likely be a continuous battle which can be won, but it will require work.

Be careful of becoming overly defensive or acting hasty, as fiery Mars is conjunct protective Sheratan and bold Mesarthim in the horns of the Ram in the sign Aries. Plus Venus is conjunct Pallas (aka Athena, goddess of war/wisdom), which can also trigger self-defense mechanisms. This sounds kinda grim, but don’t get pessimistic. There are a lot of good things in today’s chart as well, including good aspects between Jupiter and Mercury, which should aide communication. And the Sun and Moon are forming nice aspects with bountiful Ceres (Mother Earth), which gives us the ability to bounce back from possible loss or tragedy, so try to be optimistic. Things may not be as bad as they appear. And with Neptune forming harmonious aspects with the Sun and Moon, you should have some rose-colored glasses to help you weather the storm.

This eclipse season will bring about major change and transformation, particularly in the area of love/relationships and finances. The next eclipse is solar on May 9-10, followed by a lunar eclipse on May 25. The last lunar eclipse of the year is October 18, which should be visible to us in the U.S.

If you know your birthdate, time, and location, take a look at your natal chart. Check the location (sign and degree) of the Full Moon, and then see which House the Full Moon hits in your natal chart. This will tell you which area of your life may be out of balance. Today’s Full Moon takes place at 3:57pm in Scorpio at 5-6 degrees, so find 5-6 degrees in Scorpio and identify the House this corresponds to in your natal chart. Also note the Sun in opposition at 5-6 degrees Taurus, which will give you your area where you may need to redirect your energy to gain balance.

Listed below are the 12 Astrological Houses and their meanings/focus for the Full Moon:

1st House: Yourself, self-expression, self-improvement, or anything that focuses on YOU. How you appear to others might be important to you during this time. Ask yourself if you’re too self-absorbed or selfish.

2nd House: Physical and financial value/worth. Financial security, money, and material things, are of greatest concern. Ask yourself if you’re spending too much or wasting resources in the wrong place.

3rd House: Communication, logic/thinking, and learning. You may be thinking too much. Communication may be an issue.

4th House: Home, family, and whatever makes you feel safe. Your inner security and support structure will be of greatest concern. Are you focused too much on home and not getting out enough? Are you neglecting your career?

5th House: Creativity, fun, romance, and children. Are you having too much or too little fun? Are you focused so much on romance that you’re neglecting your friends? Are you focused too much or too little on your kids?

6th House: Service, duty, occupation, and pets. Are you working too hard or ignoring your duties or responsibilities? Are you focused too much or not enough on details?

7th House: Marriage, partnerships, relationships, and also enemies. Are you focused too much or not enough on your marriage/relationships?

8th House: Regeneration, sex, death, and accounting/taxes (or other people’s money). Are you thinking too much about your taxes or other people’s money? Are you having too many power struggles? Are you resisting change/transformation?

9th House: Spirituality, philosophy, religion, and faith. You may feel somewhat restless and bored with normal everyday experiences. Are you overly zealous about religion or spiritual issues and neglecting other more practical details? Are you thinking enough or too much about the big picture?

10th House: Career, reputation, and status. Are you too preoccupied with your career or climbing the corporate ladder or your socio-economic status and reputation?

11th House: Friends, social groups, and long-term goals. Getting along with others, social acceptance, and fitting into a group might be important to you during this time. Are you focusing too much on friends and what others think of you? Are you neglecting your romantic interest or your kids?

12th House: The subconscious, secrets, and hidden activities. Are you feeling too withdrawn? You may be hiding too much.



New Moon Basics


When the Moon is closest to the Sun (conjunction), this is called a New Moon, the first phase of a lunar cycle. It is the darkest right before a New Moon and the brightest at Full Moon. The cycle from one New Moon to the next takes about one month. Everything in life is cyclical, and as a rule of thumb, it’s always best to start new things during a New Moon or while the Moon is waxing (increasing) and not after a Full Moon when it is waning (decreasing). For dates/times, you can check the good old farmer’s almanac: http://www.almanac.com/moon/calendar/DC/Washington/2013-04

If you know your birthdate, time, and location, take a look at your natal chart. Check the location (sign and degree) of the New Moon, and then see which House the New Moon hits in your natal chart. This will tell you what your focus is for this lunar cycle. Today’s New Moon took place at 5:38am in Aries at 20-21 degrees, so find 20-21 degrees in Aries and identify the House this corresponds to in your natal chart.

Listed below are the 12 Astrological Houses and their meanings/focus for the new moon:

1st House: Yourself, self-expression, self-improvement, or anything that focuses on YOU. How you appear to others might be important to you during this time. You will feel energized and will likely keep yourself busy. Great time to for reinventing yourself or catching people’s attention and making an impression.

2nd House: Physical and financial value/worth. Financial security, money, and material things, are of greatest concern. Great time for financial planning and laying groundwork to increase income and worth.

3rd House: Communication, logic/thinking, and learning. You will be mentally alert and more focused during this time. It will be easier to communicate and connect/build rapport with others. Great time to go back to school and learn something new.

4th House: Home, family, and whatever makes you feel safe. Your inner security and support structure will be of greatest concern. Great time for family activities, re-organizing the house, or home improvement.

5th House: Creativity, fun, romance, and children. You will feel more playful and passionate during this time. Great for romantic adventures, activities with kids, and creating things, including making babies. 😉

6th House: Service, duty, occupation, and pets. Having a sense of duty or responsibility will be important to you. You will be feeling more analytical, detailed-oriented, disciplined, orderly, and productive. Great time for setting new routines and regimens, taking care of business, and getting work done.

7th House: Marriage, partnerships, relationships, and also enemies. You will value teamwork, cooperation, sharing and negotiation. Having a partner or significant other to lean on during this time will be important to you. Great for new relationships or solidifying existing ones and making them official/public.

8th House: Regeneration, sex, death, and accounting/taxes (or other people’s money). Power and intimacy issues may be a focus. Great time for personal transformation and getting rid of the old to make room for the new. Also a great time for doing your taxes/accounting.

9th House: Spirituality, philosophy, religion, and faith. You may feel somewhat restless and bored with normal everyday experiences. Great time to start new projects that stretch your mind and enable you to fulfill a higher purpose.

10th House: Career, reputation, and status. Great time for business or career planning and improving your professional life.

11th House: Friends, social groups, and long-term goals. Getting along with others, social acceptance, and fitting into a group might be important to you during this time. Great time for networking, joining a club or other group, and making new contacts, social as well as professional.

12th House: The subconscious, secrets, and hidden activities. You may feel withdrawn during this time. Great time to get away, do some soul searching, and take care of whatever skeletons are in the closet.


Mars in Aries

The transit Moon today conjuncts my natal Mars in Aries, stimulating the flow of emotions into action. Aries is ruled by Mars, so any transits hitting Mars while in its ruling sign Aries will be more powerful. Moon-Mars conjunctions tend to make people a bit sensitive, impulsive, touchy, aggressive and even combative. Warrior mode, fearless and driven. Good energy for starting new projects and getting stuff done.

What does it mean to have Mars in Aries? Fiery red Mars, Roman God of War, represents our drives and impulses as well as our aggression, animal instincts, and sexuality. I’ve given the planet the nickname “Mojo Mars” because it reveals our sex drive and sex appeal as well as what moves us, turns us on, and makes us tick.

Mars in Aries people, like myself, tend to be pretty feisty and are very spontaneous and impulsive. Mars is all about action. We have a short fuse and get fired up quickly, but thankfully it’s short-lived. We don’t hold onto anger very long and typically don’t hold grudges. We view the past as the past, and let bygones be bygones.

Don’t confuse our impulsiveness with foolishness though. People with Mars in Aries have great gut instincts. We think fast on our feet and make quick decisions, and usually they’re good decisions. Slow people who can’t make up their minds or can’t take initiative, they frustrate us. We are typically on the go, and it’s hard to keep up with us or slow us down. We don’t like to waste time. Pure and simple, we get down to business.

If you want to get the ball rolling, give it to someone with Mars in Aries. We are typically pioneers and innovators. New projects get us excited, and we love a good challenge. However, although we’re very good at starting things, we may not be as good at completing them. Our energy and enthusiasm are high, but we get bored easily. The flames can burn out quickly.

If you want to get along with Mars in Aries people, be straight and honest with us. We have very little patience for indirectness or passive-aggressive behavior. Don’t beat around the bush and don’t over-complicate things. That irritates and annoys us. Be quick and get right to the point. We are very blunt and can be downright rude, but at least you know what’s on our mind. There is no guesswork, and there are no hidden agendas. What you see is what you get.

Famous People with Mars in Aries: Tyra Banks (model), Kevin Costner (actor), Carson Daly (personality), Claire Danes (actress), Kate Hudson (actress), Angelina Jolie (actress), Nick Lachey (singer/songwriter), Monica Lewinsky (public figure), Juliette Lewis (actress), Tobey Maguire (actor).

Moon in Aquarius


The Moon moves into Aquarius at 10:02pm tonight. Since I have Moon in Aquarius in my natal chart, I feel inspired to write about it.

Lunar Aquarians, like myself, are what I call “people watchers.” We’re extremely observant and love to study and analyze our fellow humans. We enjoy hearing people’s life stories and figuring out what makes everyone tick. Psychology is thus one of my favorite subjects. I also like to watch “A&E Biography” and “E! True Hollywood Story,” and I’m embarrassed to confess, I even like to watch reality tv shows. Moon in Aquarius explains a lot!

As “people watchers,” those of us with Moon in Aquarius are able to understand and relate to all different types of people in all walks of life. Because of this we are quite sociable and even popular. However, we are unique and don’t quite fit in anywhere. We recognize very early on how “different” we are from others. Despite our sociable nature, we are sort of loners at heart. When I was growing up, believe it or not, I was painfully shy. I have discovered this is common with Lunar Aquarians. Moon in Aquarius can indicate a difficult childhood or other hard experiences, and like many other Lunar Aquarians, I learned very early on how to detach. This doesn’t mean we don’t have emotions. It just means we are more analytical than emotional.

People with Moon in Aquarius are highly independent, and we pride ourselves on our uniqueness and nonconformity. This may be a result of growing up not quite fitting in anywhere. We are somewhat idealistic and passionate about our beliefs, and if rubbed the wrong way, we can be very defensive. We tend to be very stubborn, especially as children. As we grow older, we learn to how to compromise and balance our strong egos.

Despite our cool appearance, we are highly compassionate and our feelings run deep. Many humanitarians have Moon in Aquarius. Our kindness and general concern for others is typically a life philosophy. For the most part, we “live and let live” and value freedom. We give others the space and freedom to be themselves, and we appreciate the same in return. If anyone challenges our behavior or character, our response will likely be, “take it or leave it!” If you can’t accept us as we are, hasta la vista, baby!

Lunar Aquarians are never boring, that’s for sure. We are very interesting and often very entertaining. We like to make sure everyone is having fun and no one feels left out. We will also often fight for the underdog. Although quirky and unpredictable, Aquarius is a fixed sign, so when it comes down to the big stuff, we are actually quite predictable, reliable, and loyal. Overall, we make great friends.

People with Moon in Aquarius:
George Clooney (actor), Russell Crowe (actor), Billy Ray Cyrus (songwriter/musician), Princess Diana (public figure), David Duchovny (actor), Calista Flockhart (actress), John Lennon (songwriter/musician), George Lucas (filmmaker), Marilyn Monroe (actress), Conan O’Brien (comedian), Britney Spears (singer), Rob Thomas (songwriter/musician, absolutely love him! he has his Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Aquarius), and Christopher Walken (actor, he has both Moon and Mars in Aquarius).

Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide


It’s that time again! Mercury Retrograde! Yay… (note sarcasm). Mercury, the planet of logic, communication, and travel goes retrograde early tomorrow morning, February 23rd at 4:41am and will remain in backward motion in sensitive, dreamy Pisces until good old Saint Patty’s Day, March 17th at 4:03pm. When a planet appears to be traveling backward in the sky, this is called retrograde. The planet isn’t really move backward though. It’s just an illusion. Mercury retrograde happens a few times a year. It’s what I call Murphy’s Law time. Things usually don’t go as planned. Whatever can go wrong will go wrong, especially when it comes to travel plans and communication (e.g., phone problems, missed messages or emails, computer snafus, etc.). No need to panic though. Here are some helpful tips to help you survive this retrograde cycle.


1. Hold off on your taxes!

Mercury Retrograde hits us in the middle of tax time! Joy! If you’re like me and haven’t done your taxes yet, wait until after March 18 to file. Remember, Murphy’s law, which means things don’t go as planned. Your receipts, forms, or other paperwork may go missing, documents get lost in the mail or somewhere out in the electronic world. Miscommunication or misunderstandings are likely between you and others, including your accountant or the IRS. Anything that requires a signature could be a problem during Mercury Retrograde, so be extra careful. And be sure to keep all your paperwork and receipts in order and handy, especially when it comes to any deductions you claim for charities, as Mercury is moving backwards in Pisces, the sign that covers generosity and charity.

2. Check your fluids levels!

Mercury is traveling backwards through the water sign Pisces this retrograde cycle. What’s interesting is that all Mercury Retrogrades this year will be falling in water signs. Pisces first, followed by Cancer, and then Scorpio. Very appropriate for the Chinese Year of the Water Snake. So pay attention to anything that has to do with water or fluids. Check your plumbing and check fluid levels in your car. Make sure you have plenty of gas, or you might find yourself stranded somewhere. And be sure to keep yourself well-hydrated. Drink plenty of water.

3. Be careful traveling!

It’s the winter, and the weather is unpredictable, so be careful on the roads. If you are hoping to escape the cold and take off on vacation, don’t be surprised if things don’t go exactly as planned. You might have problems with your reservations or tickets. Flights may be delayed. You might lose important documents, or forget your ID or passport. Expect the unexpected. If you have to travel during this time, don’t freak out and cancel your plans, but definitely be more cautious and read the fine print. Be extra prepared. Make a list and check it twice. Keep an eye on your baggage and make sure you’ve packed everything you could possibly need. Anticipate delays or mishaps. Leave yourself plenty of travel time.

4. Back up your computer and set your alarm clock!

Computers, electronics, and especially phones and communication devices usually have unexpected problems during Mercury Retrograde, so make sure you back up any important data. Mercury is traveling backwards in dreamy Pisces, so sleep is something you may struggle with during this time. Your internal clock as well as your alarm clock could be off. If you don’t usually use an alarm clock, you may want to invest in one. If you do use an alarm clock, double check to make sure it’s set properly and that the volume is up loud enough to wake you up. There is a Stellium in Pisces right now, and with this many planets in Pisces, including Mercury Retrograde, people love to oversleep. If you’re not careful, you may find yourself late to work or other appointments. And with Mercury Retrograde it’s best to allow some extra time for the unexpected (e.g., traffic, accidents, gps errors, spilling your coffee on yourself). Yes, the unexpected happens, and it usually happens during Mercury Retrograde.

5. Pay attention, especially at work!

With Mercury moving backwards through dreamy Pisces, your head will likely be foggy. It will be more difficult to focus and more likely that you could be daydreaming or falling asleep at work. If you can, it’s best to hold off on important meetings or presentations until after Mercury goes direct again on March 18th. Otherwise, you will find yourself struggling, either putting people to sleep or falling asleep yourself. If you have a meeting you can’t avoid, make sure you are fully prepared and be sure to add an extra something to your presentations to make them more interesting so you can grab and hold people’s attention. Good luck!

6. Don’t start anything new!

Rule of thumb during Mercury Retrograde: Don’t initiate anything, and definitely don’t force anything. Bad time to start a new job, new business, new relationship, get married, sign a lease, buy a house or make any major decisions or plans. It’s best during this time to work on tasks and projects that have already been started or go back and re-do tasks you’ve already done. Great time for polishing or finishing up. If you start anything new during this time, things may not go as planned, and you will likely find yourself going back to the drawing board at square one again. If you’re feeling antsy and have an itch to do something active, Mercury Retrograde is a great time for Spring cleaning. Get organized, clean out your closets, and sweep under your rugs, but no major home improvements or renovations. Starting anything major is a no-no.

7. Put your wallet away!

Do not make any major purchases during Mercury Retrograde. If you do, you might regret it. Avoid big ticket items. Bad time to buy a car, appliances, computers, and especially communication devices, so forget upgrading to that new iPhone until after Mercury turns direct again next month. You probably won’t find the best bargains during this time, and if you do, you’ll probably find out later that you were ripped off. There’s a good chance whatever you buy during this time may not work or will break down. Instead of buying something new, use this time to fix something you already own. Don’t rush to purchase anything. You might find yourself with buyer’s remorse or you may realize you don’t even need what you were wanting to buy. So use this time to think your purchases though carefully. Comparison shop and do research, but do not buy.

8. Dot your I’s and cross your T’s!

Well-known rule: don’t sign anything during Mercury Retrograde if you can avoid it. This includes contracts, agreements, and even verbal agreements or handshakes. It’s also a bad time for negotiating anything or making any major life decisions. If you have to go to court for anything during Mercury Retrograde, four words: sucks to be you! Might be in your best interest to reschedule your court date, if that’s even a possibility. Mercury Retrograde means potential misunderstandings and miscommunications that could be detrimental. Whatever terms of agreement could literally fall apart. That is why it is crucial that you dot your I’s and cross your T’s during Mercury Retrograde. Be sure to read the fine print. And make sure you know exactly what you want, because later on, you may find yourself changing your mind. For example, the job offer you accepted may turn out to be a job you don’t want. You may get a better offer from somewhere else. If you end a relationship, even if your mind is made up at the time, you might regret it. Timing is everything in life, and there’s nothing worse than the exhausting make up and break up roller coaster. If you want a lasting relationship or a break up that is final, make sure you do it when Mercury is direct and not retrograde. Any life altering decisions should be placed on the back burner until Mercury Retrograde has passed.

9. Don’t forget to breathe!

Just like any other retrograde cycle, this too shall pass. But don’t fear it. Don’t start changing all your plans, and don’t stop living. Mercury Retrograde should not rule your life. However, expect the unexpected, and don’t let it derail you. That is the key to surviving Mercury Retrograde. Be cautious and be prepared. Mercury Retrograde forces us to slow down and think things through. It reminds us not to rush into things or force things. This is a good time for thinking, reflection, and re-evaluation. Since Mercury represents communication, pay attention to how you communicate, especially at work and in your personal relationships. Mercury retrograde reminds us, not only how important communication is, but also to appreciate the little things, like phones, email, computers, as well as something as simple as transportation and travel. We always notice the things that go wrong in our lives, but we rarely notice all the things that are running smoothly. That applies to our relationships as well. We are quick to notice everything that’s wrong, but sometimes overlook all the things that are right. Take the time to stop and smell the roses, and don’t forget to appreciate the little things. Remember, gratitude leads to greater happiness.

10. Read my daily reports!

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In the meantime, I am providing a list below of Mercury Retrogrades in 2013, something to look forward to. 😉

Note: All Mercury Retrogrades in 2013 will be falling in water signs, Pisces then Cancer and then Scorpio. Very appropriate for the Chinese Year of the Water Snake. Water denotes emotions, moods, sensitivity, creativity, intuition, dreams, and the subconscious. Tap into your subconscious, and you may receive an important life message.

(All times are listed in Eastern Standard Time Zone.)

February 23, 2013 at 4:41am ↔ March 17, 2013 at 4:03pm
(Pisces 5°38′ ↔ 19°52′)

June 26, 2013 at 9:07am ↔ July 20, 2013 at 2:22pm
(Cancer 13°22′ ↔ 23°7′)

October 21, 2013 at 6:29am ↔ November 10, 2013 at 4:12pm
(Scorpio 2°30′ ↔ 18°24′)

Sun conjunct Neptune

Neptune framed

The Sun and Neptune came together in Pisces in exact conjunction very early this morning at 2:18am. Neptune, known as the God of the Sea, represents the depths of the mind, a deep subconscious ocean, and is linked to intuition, dreams, fantasies, and sometimes unfortunately delusions and deception. With the Sun hitting Neptune, it brings things to light. The subconscious rises to a level of consciousness and awareness.

This conjunction is significant because the sign Pisces is ruled by Neptune. Therefore it’s a powerful transit that I believe not only allows us to dream, but also gives us the power to turn our dreams into reality. Use this energy to your advantage. I am a firm believer that our thoughts shape our reality. If you truly believe in your dreams, nothing is impossible.

We are in a very fluid, water-focused period, with the Sun as well as a Stellium (many planets) in Pisces. Plus the Sun’s counterpart, the Moon, ruler of Cancer, is now traveling through Cancer. The Moon also represents the subconscious on a more emotional level. My best advice is to ride the waves and go with the flow of where this transit leads you. Do not be surprised if you experience very deep or vivid dreams during this time. You may also find that your intuition is particularly sensitive and keen right now. Listen to your gut, it may be trying to tell you something.

With Sun conjunct Neptune, we may discover truths but also uncover lies or deceptions. Things we believed were true, may no longer be reality. That is the downside of Neptune and Pisces. It can bring disappointment, and we may become disillusioned and lose faith in humanity or the plans we have for our future. However, if we dig a little bit deeper, we will uncover a valuable message, a gem in disguise, a diamond in the rough. To find our true selves and our true purpose, we must dig deep. We have to be willing to let go of the illusion, the plans we’ve fooled ourselves to pursue, so that we can discover our real dreams. And in order to make those dreams come true, we must step out of the depths of our own fears and insecurities and truly believe in ourselves.

My wish for everyone during this transit is that you to find that sunken treasure buried deep in the ocean of your souls. May your dreams become reality.

Sun in Pisces

(February 19 – March 20)

Element: Water
Modality: Mutable
House: 12th House (last sign of the zodiac)
Ruler: Neptune
Season: Winter
Color: Sea Green
Stone: Jade. Coral
Metal: Tin
Body: Feet, Veins

Sun in Pisces people are soft, colorful souls on a planet of their own. Sometimes appearing to lack direction, they are often misunderstood and difficult to pin down. The 12th and last sign of the zodiac, Pisces is a little combination of all the signs and can be kind of quirky. However, this allows them to relate to all different kinds of people. They are highly flexible, adaptable, open-minded and like to go with the flow. As one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac, they are highly compassionate and loving but easily hurt when others are insensitive or unable to reciprocate. Ultimately Pisces want to be loved, appreciated, and understood. Their emotions run very deep. If you encounter a Pisces with a tough exterior, don’t let it fool you. They are likely covering some very deep wounds. When a Pisces feels hurt, the world comes to an end. There is nothing quite like a Pisces pity party. Pisces can find it difficult to cope with harsh reality and will escape into their own world, sometimes a fantasy world of self-delusion. Because of this, they are also prone to turn to drugs and/or alcohol. More so with Moon in Pisces than Sun in Pisces, but angst and suffering is a common theme in the Pisces world. Many Pisces channel this energy into the arts or other forms of expression.

Summary: Sensitive, romantic, dreamy, intuitive, humane, creative, artistic.

Opposite Sign: Virgo (opposites attract, but can be love/hate)
Most Compatible with Fellow Water Signs: Cancer & Scorpio
Also Compatible with Earth Signs: Taurus & Capricorn (excluding Virgo)
Least Compatible with Squaring Signs: Gemini & Sagittarius

Famous Pisces: Drew Barrymore (actress), Elizabeth Barrett Browning (poet), Kurt Cobain (musician-Nirvana), Billy Corgan (musician-Smashing Pumpkins), Cindy Crawford (model), Billy Crystal (actor), Albert Einstein (genius), George Harrison (musician-Beatles), Jennifer Love Hewitt (actress), Kato Kaelin (actor), Freddie Prinze Jr. (actor), Michelangelo (artist), Aidan Quinn (actor), Rob Reiner (actor/producer), Dr. Seuss (writer), Sharon Stone (actress), Elizabeth Taylor (actress), Bruce Willis (actor)

Saturn Retrograde: February 18 – July 8, 2013


Saturn retrograde begins on February 18th and goes direct on July 8, 2013. Do not start anything new or important during Saturn retrograde (e.g., new job, business, etc.). If you want to start something, it’s best to wait until after Saturn goes direct on July 8th. If you jump into anything during this time, especially without proper preparation, you will likely find yourself struggling. Note: April 30-May 1 (Mars opposes Saturn), and July 1-3 (Saturn squares Venus and Ceres). Be careful making any major decisions during these dates, especially financial ones the first few days of July (Saturn square Ceres). Also note, Mercury retrograde February 23-March 17. Very bad time to start anything new. Hold off if you can.

Saturn is a restricting force. It’s about rules, regulations, responsibilities and limitations. The structure that governs our lives. It also teaches us about setting boundaries and how to say no. Saturn retrograde slows things down so that we can lay a proper foundation for our future. It gives us time to really fine tune our plans and strategies. It’s time to go back and fix the things that have been hanging over our heads and bogging us down. Fix them for good. It will be a serious and sobering time for a lot of us. Time to do work. These are the seeds we plant for a bountiful harvest. Best of luck to you all.

February 23 – March 17 (Mercury Retrograde)
April 30 – May 1 (Mars opposes Saturn)
July 1 – July 3 (Saturn squares Venus/Ceres)

What’s Your Love Song?

For some Valentine’s Day fun, look for your sign below
to find out what your love song is!


ARIES: “Holding out for a Hero”
(March 21 – April 19)

TAURUS: “I’m Gonna Getcha Good”
(April 20 – May 20)

GEMINI: “I’m a Flirt”
(May 21 – June 20)

CANCER: “I Need Love”
(June 21 – July 22)

LEO: “Glory of Love”
(July 23 – August 22nd)

VIRGO: “Like a Virgin”
(August 23 – September 22)

LIBRA: “Love Song”
(September 23 – October 22)

SCORPIO: “Addicted to Love”
(October 23 – November 21)

SAGITTARIUS: “Crazy Bit*h”
(November 22 – December 21)
Please don’t be offended! I’m Sagittarius, like you! Don’t deny it, we’re crazy! 😉

CAPRICORN: “I’ll Be There”
(December 22 – January 19)

AQUARIUS: “Love Shack”
(January 20 – February 18)

PISCES: “I Can Dream About You”
(February 19 – March 20)


Valentine’s Day Forecast

Missing out on Valentine’s Day this year? Cupid might give you a second chance!


With Venus trine Jupiter and sextile Moon, and with the Sun also sextile Moon, the stage is set for romance, and our sensuality, desires, and emotions are magnified. We’re ready to be pampered and loved on this special day; however, with Venus square Saturn, the energy is womp womp womp… it’s like getting all dressed up with no where to go. Don’t be surprised if things don’t go exactly as planned. Moon is conjunct Eris, goddess of discord and chaos, so Valentine’s Day could be hit or miss this year. Could be perfect or could be disaster. Keep reading though… things do get better…


The chart above is for February 14th, Valentine’s Day. Note the tension with Venus square Saturn, plus a lot of tension between Jupiter and that big mess of stuff in the 10th House (Mercury, Mars, Chiron, Neptune, Sun), amplifying all of it.

Never fear, Cupid is near! Very near, in fact, the asteroid Eros, also known as Cupid in Roman mythology (not to be confused with Eris, goddess of discord and chaos) is actually only 2 degrees away from the Sun with lovely Venus chasing not too far behind 11 degrees away. Eros, the son of Mars and Venus, is irresistible and passionate, representing sexual love and desire. The word ‘erotic’ comes from Eros. Transiting Eros can indicate an attraction to someone and could mean a new love affair. It’s all about the chase, so men, if you want her, now’s the time to turn on your charm. We all know, once hit with Cupid’s arrow, love is blind. If it’s meant to be, it will be.

Eros and the Sun are traveling together in the sky and will be moving from cool, detached Aquarius to dreamy, romantic Pisces. Saturn goes into retrograde on Monday, February 18th, and by Tuesday, the Venus-Saturn tension will finally break, all leading up to Wednesday, February 20th, when Eros and the Sun will be perfectly conjunct, both uniting at exactly 2 degrees and 14 minutes. Yes, exactly 2-14, Valentine’s Day! That is no coincidence. Use that energy to your benefit. This could be your second chance at Valentine’s Day. When Eros and the Sun meet, two people can come together and sparks can fly. It’s a competitive push and pull kind of energy. The Sun wants to shine independently on it’s own, and Eros wants to unite physically as one. Eros is love and affection, but also a desire for physical, sexual consummation. This could be your special day. You just might get laid! 😉

Below is a chart for February 20th. Note the beautiful grand trine (blue triangle) between the Sun/Eros, the Moon, and Saturn. And also note the lovely trine between Venus and the Moon. Venus is free to love without restriction, no longer squared by Saturn, releasing all the tension that’s been building up over the past week or so. Love freely everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day!